Elder & Healthcare Business Corp.

Elder & Healthcare Business Corp. is your best source for services for your healthcare or aging-services organization. Comprised of three subsidiaries, each facet is designed to fit your needs:

Cari Campbell & Associates, LLC, is your best source for professional grant services. Specializing in grant research, grant writing, and grant management, the firm is comprised of grant professionals working in a team environment to generate the highest quality product through collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience. The firm began in 2009 with one person helping one nonprofit. It has since grown to serve over 160 nonprofit organizations across the United States with an emphasis in aging-services, healthcare, and educational organizations. Recognizing that each organization is unique, the scale of consultation varies greatly between each client. However, one thing is constant: CC&A’s unwavering attention to each organization’s “big picture” rather than individual projects. This focus is a rare find with an independent grant writer and other grant firms we have found.

3rd Party Neutral, LLC provides mediation services to healthcare and aging-services organizations. Mediation is an effective tool in employee conflict management or to resolve a potential legal claim in a cost-effective manner. Beginning in 2013, the mediators are trained in effective conflict management.

Organizational Development & Audit, LLC, provides clients with strategic planning, organizational development audits and guidance, and compliance audits. Organizational Development & Audit was formed in 2013 in response to current client needs, and it assists organizations nationally.

Committed to social responsibility, Elder & Healthcare Business Corp, an Iowa Corporation, awards a portion of its annual profits to nonprofit organizations in the form of reduced or pro bono services. Further, the company staff participates in volunteer opportunities to help build community and give back where it is often most needed – through time and talent.

Please call us today for your free initial consultation at 563.580.7426. We look forward to working with you!